Online Trumpet Lessons by Web Cam

I have given lessons by web cam and phone to trumpet players all over the world. A simple 1 hour fine tuning can make a big difference in your playing.

People can improve all of their life. Keith Fiala has toured with Maynard Ferguson and yet he was here last week (Sept 2012). He learned something too.

As we progress then there are more options available for us to progress even farther.

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Why me? You don't know me and want some proof of who I am.
Some teachers have references like JB in New York, which seem shady. One teacher even gave himself a fake award on one of his websites.
My references come from real players that you have heard of.
I met "POPS" on the Internet and he helped me through some frustrating problems that I was struggling with on the horn.
Herb Alpert
Pops is one cool trumpet teacher. Here I am, a long time student of Claude Gordon and what's my problem?? Tongue levels!! Pops diagnosed me right away and helped me out tremendously in a short time. Thanks!!~
Eric Bolvin
Hey Pops, keep up the good work. Even us "old pros" need a little help every now and then. I check in with your site regularly. Thanks.
Bill Churchville
Pops: I'm so glad I got your books - some great stuff in there for every trumpet player!!! Keep up the great work!!!
Kiku Collins
Many, many thanks to you and your knowledge of the trumpet and the embouchure. It has helped me immeasurably since my lesson with you!
Mark Curry
Pops: You have single-handedly given me the confidence and the ability to meet - EXCEED my wildest dreams. When I first came to you I never would have believed I would tour with Maynard Ferguson!!!
Keith Fiala
"Clint McLaughlin is one of the leading experts on embouchure. His books discuss many of the embouchures used by leading trumpet players. I consider his publications excellent resources!"
David Hickman
It was only after reading/playing your books, did I get the range thing!
Roddy Lewis
Check out Pop's trumpet books. This guy knows what he is talking about and can write it!!!! Thanks for all your intelligent advice.
Jim Manley
I think you're doing a great service for the brass community. I once heard that the art of teaching is in finding out how to explain the same thing in different ways to have it hit home for each individual student.
Matt von Roderick
You have said two things which have really helped me and have brought about an instant improvement in my trumpet playing. It's all 20% easier! So thanks again for your positive contribution to the brass world.
Eddie Severn
I have also been in the ITG Journal multiple times and written about in several books.
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I also run a free Trumpet Ezine where many Pros participate.

I get asked all of the time if high notes can center or sound fleshed out.... So here is a clip of Me playing part of the Hummel up 2 octaves. I start on F over High C and end on A over Double C (that's 2 notes from Triple C). It is up to you to decide if they are real notes or not.

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Andrea Tofanelli & Greg Kuehn playing a little duet. Andrea is a STAR in Europe and will be here. Greg was a Vegas pro who is now playing in New Mexico.

Rex Merriweather. Rex is in LA and has done Club, Studio, TV and Movie work.

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Anne King. Anne is another LA musician. She has had many TV appearances and done tours with Guns and Roses, Don Henley, Ray Charles...

Keith Fiala. Keith did a couple of tours with Maynard Ferguson and he is now playing in Austin Texas with a group call Memphis Train Revue.

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2 video clips of Keith Wood at the end of an all day a lesson with me.

Short lick and how he feels with the new set.

Arpeggio Low G up to Double D and down to Pedal D.

Unbelievable trumpet lesson, man!
Clint is a long-range thinker. He told me that he had a plan from our first lesson together, but it had to be in stages. First, he had to get my belly button (breathing) to work right. Then, straighten out my tongue arch. (and how he used compression) And finally, relax my facial tension.
If he had told me the whole plan, I would've wanted to rush things, just like a college kid. The kicker was when he said, "If you lived here in the area, we could've done all this in 6 months"! Oh well... The only thing I have to battle now is the habit of tensing when I see certain things coming up in the music.

One of the craziest things is that I feel warmed up all the time now. It's WILD! I just buzz in the pedal area and my lip hums all the time. I feel like the Ice Man who just broke out of his "wintery coffin"!
The hardest part was the first hour of our lesson. I could not play a note (even make a sound) for the first hour. Man, I was close to tears. It felt like he wanted me to change my embouchure - I saw weeks or months of trial and error ahead of me. UGH! Then it just seemed to click. A low G came out that made us both smile - BIG! For the remainder of our 8 hours together (including a couple of hours on trombone), I never got tired. I have only gotten fatigued once since, and that was our last song on New Year's Eve -
I haven't even been able to get a good practice in since then. All I've been doing is buzzing. Relaxed feel, dude!
It has truly changed my entire musical life.
God bless,

The most important part of what I do is LISTEN to the player and decide how much is enough for him to handle. Overload the student and they crash and under load them and nothing happens at all. That is why most people can not teach themselves they do not know where that line is. It took a few THOUSAND lessons for me to learn it.

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